Vision 2.0

To transform as an All India Financial Institution to create an integrated credit and development support role for the Bank by being a Thought Leader, adopting a Credit-plus approach, creating a Multiplier effect and serving as an Aggregator, in the MSME space.


An Integrated Approach to Development of MSE’s

Since its formation in 1990, SIDBI has been impacting the lives of citizens across various strata of society through its integrated, innovative and inclusive approach. Be it traditional domestic industry, small, bottom-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurs, medium enterprises to high-end knowledge-based industries and export promotions, SIDBI has directly or indirectly touched the lives of more than 360 lakh people in the MSE sector, through various credit and developmental measures.

SIDBI Vision 2.0 is a strategic initiative by SIDBI aimed at further accelerating this effort by transforming its current role to that of an All India Financial Institution that can create an integrated credit and development support ecosystem for Indian MSEs, thus promoting their inclusive growth.

The initiative is dedicated to meet both, credit and non-credit needs of MSEs, enabling them to be globally competitive businesses. The SIDBI 2.0 is designed to bring about sustainable development of MSE sector in India, based on the Triple Ps front, namely – Profit (economic), People (Social) & Planet (Environment).

Broad pillars of SIDBI Vision 2.0