Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) set up on 2nd April 1990 under an Act of Indian Parliament, acts as the Principal Financial Institution for Promotion,Financing and Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector as well as for co-ordination of functions of institutions engaged in similar activities

Mission & Vision


To facilitate and strengthen credit flow to MSMEs and address both financial and developmental gaps in the MSME eco-system


To emerge as a single window for meeting the financial and developmental needs of the MSME sector to make it strong, vibrant and globally competitive, to position SIDBI Brand as the preferred and customer - friendly institution and for enhancement of share - holder wealth and highest corporate values through modern technology platform

Board Of Directors


Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann

Chairman & Managing Director

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Role of SIDBI

Small Industries Development Bank of India has been established under an Act of the Parliament in 1990. SIDBI is mandated to serve as the Principal Financial Institution for executing the triple agenda of promotion, financing and development of the MSME sector and coordination of the functions of the various Institutions engaged in similar activities.

The Bank executes its mandate through-

Indirect Lending- based on multiplier effect/ larger reach in financing the MSME sector and is undertaken through Banks, SFBs, NBFCs, MFIs and New Age Fintechs.

Direct Lending- aims to fill the existing credit gaps in the MSME sector and is undertaken through demonstrative and innovative lending products, which can be further scaled up by credit delivery ecosystem.

Fund of Funds- boosts entrepreneurship culture by supporting emerging startups through the Fund of Funds channel.

Promotion and Development- promoting entrepreneurship and handholding budding entrepreneurs for holistic development of MSME sector through credit-plus initiatives.

Facilitator- playing a facilitator through roles like Nodal Agency for the MSME oriented Schemes of the Government.

SIDBI’s Historical Journey